The German Bunkermuseum in Schweinfurt

The German Bunker Museum in Schweinfurt (Bavaria) shows the largest civil air defense collection during World War II and the Cold War.

Housed in the so called “Fichtel-und-Sachs bunker”, a bunker from 1941, the frame for such an collection could not be more appropriate behind concrete walls up to 3m thick.

Exciting adventure tours are offered for groups of ten and up to 40 people. The guided tour through the bunker with its highly interesting exhibition takes about one and a half hours. On request, the tour is also available in English.

There are no regular opening hours. If you are interested, please request your desired date for your group here.

Duds and remnants of bombs dropped by the Allies on Schweinfurt are also part of the huge collection.

Unique in this form are the reconstructed crash sites with original wreckage parts of German fighter planes (Focke Wulf 109, Messerschmitt BF 110) as well as those of Allied bombers (Lancaster, B17 “Flying Fortess”).

Even a shelter of the Bundeswehr from the Cold War is presented didactically. A display on the subject air raid relief service (LSHD) and to the topic “rubble women” (Trümmerfrauen) will be displayed, too. Another issue shown in the museum is the picture exhibition of Schweinfurt “Schweinfurt in the Air War”. The Bavarian Red Cross presents its history between 1933 and 1983. The Bunker Museum is privately owned.

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Also provided can be any snack options in the bunker: breakfast, lunch, dinner. Just ask us! Follow us on – we inform regularly about news from the German Bunker Museum.

Watch our documentary film about the Fichtel-und-Sachs bunker in Schweinfurt with contemporary witnesses (Duration: 22:55)

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